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Retirement income product now available

Posted 3 April 2013 10:00am

We are pleased to announce that an account-based retirement income product is now available to members of the PSSap scheme. Known as Commonwealth Superannuation Corporation retirement income (CSCri), it enables members to receive their super savings as either a:

  • transition to retirement income stream, or
  • standard retirement income stream.

If you have reached your preservation age (age 55 if born before 1 July 1960), consider CSCri if you want to:

  • turn your super savings into tax effective income
  • use a transition strategy in the lead-up to retirement
  • enjoy flexibility and control over your money in retirement
  • stay in the Australian Government super environment.

Features of CSCri

  • tax free income payments and withdrawals from age 60
  • tax free investment returns
  • investment choice
  • reversionary, binding and non-binding beneficiary options.

Could CSCri be right for you?

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