Financial advice

Advice you can trust

CSC scheme members have access to financial advice through Industry Fund Services (IFS).

IFS is the only provider with whom CSC has partnered to provide a personal and trusted financial advice service to members. IFS planners are trained to be experts in PSSap, PSS, CSS, MilitarySuper and DFRDB. Don’t risk getting the wrong advice. Get advice you can trust.

Personal financial advice

Commonwealth Superannuation Corporation has partnered with Industry Fund Services (IFS) to make financial planning services available to help our members get ahead.

IFS was chosen for several important reasons:

  • advice is provided solely in a member’s best interest
  • IFS planners receive training specific to PSSap, PSS, CSS, MilitarySuper and DFRDB and trained to be experts in these schemes.

Life is better with a plan

When you have a plan you achieve more and get there faster. It’s the same with your finances. A comprehensive financial plan lets you make the most of what you have, so that you can focus on achieving your goals and finishing up in a more favourable financial position.

How financial planning works

Financial planning is about forward thinking and preparation. Once you’ve discussed and determined your goals, your financial planner will develop a strategy to help you achieve these. If relevant, your planner can also provide multiple scenarios for you to consider as part of your strategy.

Advice can cover a range of financial matters to help you build, manage and protect your wealth including:

  • maximising your super
  • tax effective strategies
  • transition to retirement
  • retirement income stream options
  • retirement planning including 54/11 and age retirement
  • investments – inside and outside of superannuation
  • life and income protection insurance
  • debt elimination
  • redundancy.

Affordable professional advice

A fee of $185 will be charged for initial appointments from 1 August 2014. No personal advice is provided at this meeting but your planner may provide general superannuation advice.

Once your planner understands your financial situation and goals you will be given a quote detailing the type and cost of advice which would be most useful to you.

As a guide, the cost for advice ranges from $750 to $5,700 depending on complexity.  The average cost for comprehensive advice is around $2,700.

You receive ‘fee for service’ personal financial advice. This means you pay only for the advice you want. Most importantly, you know the exact cost up-front and you will never have to pay any commissions or hidden fees.

The cost you pay is based on the time it takes to create your plan, including the preparation of a statement of advice.

Fees, terms and conditions that apply to this personal financial advice service are available directly from IFS.

Call 1300 277 777 to book an appointment today.

Free single issue advice for PSSap members

If you’re a PSSap member and have questions about your super, an IFS planner can provide free, over-the-phone advice for the following common questions:

  • Do I have the right level of insurance within my super (death, invalidity and income protection)?
  • How much should I be contributing to super?
  • Which investment choice best suits my risk appetite and life stage?

One topic can be covered per call.

Unfortunately, due to the complexity of the CSS and PSS defined benefit schemes, IFS is not able to provide a simple single issue advice service to members of these funds.

Financial planning FAQs